Not just Aloha, life is D'ALOHA.

The greatest adventures of my life so far happened in Indonesia. No doubt about that. This country has shaped so much of my personality, it's hard for me to remember who I was before being introduced to surfing and getting in touch with all the magic that Indonesia radiates. It's a special place where I've always felt the most free. 


Last year I started working with a Liquid Future, a non profit organization set up in remote Indonesia six years ago. Six years ago was exactly around the time when I went to Indonesia for the very first time, to the Mentawais Islands, and met the founder of a Liquid Future and my since then dear friend, Lizzie. 


At the beginning of this year, she brought me to a tiny island in the Pacific, in Eastern Indonesia, where A Liquid Future is currently operating. Morotai. Still pristine and untouched, this place has only been chosen last year by the Indonesian government as one of 10 destinations in Indonesia to be fast tracked for tourism development. 

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3 Things We Do That Keep Us From Love

There are a hundred guides out there that tell us how we can achieve self-love. But it's not a matter of achieving self-love, because the love we seek is already with us, it's a matter of stop doing the things that keep us from experiencing this love. 


So here is a little list which functions as a reminder once we get stuck again in those unnecessary cycles of looking to find love, when really we have never lost it and never will. 

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Oh it can be so hard to leave behind your holiday, your favorite travel destination, your beloved foreign surf spots. The memories, the love, the freedom, and then it's time to go home and face the old, the cold and the ugly - but hey life isn't all bad. What to take into consideration to stay sane at home and turn your heartbreaking travel memories into life-changing remedies. HERE ::

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how to believe in yourself //                                 5 points for a boost

Being part of a society that feeds our fear belief of not being good enough, makes it really hard to actually believe in yourself. Not only that, but it also seems like believing in yourself and your dreams is regarded as such an arrogant waste of time that people rarely dare to do it. Being told to not have the means to pursue whatever you feel is best for yourself and not being worth of achieving it in the first place, makes it so hard these days to be a successful bad ass believer and follow your little heart. Plus the over-share of perfect people on social media that seem to have it all, and everything we want but don't have, is what gives our self-esteem the last kick to the ground. Which is a shame because believing in yourself is actually what makes life exciting, so exciting that you do not want to swap lives with anyone- even if you could. When you realise how good it feels to be yourself and experience everything about you, for you and through you, there's no way in hell you would give that away.

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I DON'T WANT TO LIFE FOREVER //             what life is worth.

It’s been a while since my grandpa died but that experience really got me thinking about life, death and the purpose of it all.

  So here's a sneaky insight on what I think life is and how we can better cope with those darker days. xo

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__ Indo Oh Indo

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.photos taken during February -- March 2016

.words to it in GOLDENRIDE MAGAZINE September 2016 

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55 things surfer chicks don't say

 "Let's look super hot in the line up!"

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Why purpose has no permission to be meaningful --

I like surfing. I love spending time above and below sea level having my buddies around me in the lineup. I love catching waves, taking off a bit too late and feeling kind of kamikaze trying to make the section. I love being a kook, I love surprising myself stepping it up on the board. I love all kinds of days that have salt sprinkled on top of them. These days are my favorite and being surfed out makes life just so much more chilled and shiny. One wave is all it takes to wash deep rooted concerns away and lighten my heart. Still, living a life that is as predictable as the swell next year in June, something trips me up quite frequently — purpose. 

Purpose, reason, meaning, destiny, soul path, divine mission — We are all longing for clarity in our lives, and something that gives us a feeling of sense and fulfillment. We put different sorts of efforts into finding that relationship that makes us feel special and worthy. We work hard to receive that certain salary that provides confidence and value. We wreck our brains to create something original to feel more meaningful than others. We step over personal boundaries to receive someone's appreciation. Often we get pretty caught up in the process of bringing purpose into our lives that we forget what true purpose actually is. 


In a society that measures success on achievements, hard work and struggle, trying to find purpose can easily mean to burn yourself out in order to be a good person worth taking up earth’s space. No one hesitates to judge you or even label you as a failure simply because you haven’t broken your back more than once, you haven’t helped 10 people at least this week and you ate an animal product just now. Our very existence doesn’t seem to cut it. Laying in bed dreaming a little bit further into the day we stop ourselves and feel guilty because we think we should rather do something more productive and meaningful than indulging ourselves in happy thoughts that have absolutely nothing to do with our reality. It seems like we have forgotten that

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rat racing or joy riding?

-- the struggle of joining the rat race vs doing what your soul wants --

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fuck shit up and save the world 

Of course love is always the answer but that’s a little sappy to say because how will we ever find enough love to save the whole world? By fucking shit up, by being radical, by owning our passion, our voice and our story. That’s how we are able to cultivate enough energy to save the world. What it takes to have that confidence to own your voice is self-love. How do we get self-love? Well, first of all by being egotistic, in a good way. 


Being egotistic is not really a highly regarded moral standard in our society. Being egotistic basically equals being a bad person. Self-centered, arrogant, selfish people that have no sense for compassion or other people in general are labeled as egotistic and worse.

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:: koa clothing ::                     

Jung Designerin Lisa Neulinger über die Erfüllung ihres Traumes, steinige Challenges, salziges Wasser und Bali's Lebensstil. Tipps aus dem Nähkästchen included. 

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Peak or Pipe - feral survival at Lakeys

The hunger for adventure and the thought to use the ocean as an office got my travel companion and me excited and confident enough to hit the road. Adventure out of the blue into the blue. Having more dreams than cash in the pocket, Sumbawa showed me that any kind of idea has the possibility to turn into reality if you screw plan B and rely on your feral adventure instincts.

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