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I just got back from the most unplanned getaway I've ever been on. My best friend Kim is a master in making things happen last minute and just going when her gut tells her to. Not many destinations seem too far for her to travel to and no time too short for her to experience them. Her desire for adventure always gets the best of her. 


Although it was somehow agreed upon to leave earlier in the day, due to work and mindless packing, we only managed to leave on a Friday evening. We were only able to stay until midday Sunday so we briefly considered driving to a destination nearer by but something was pulling us up north, 4.5 hours to Denmark. 


Fleetingly we tried to put the logic-thinking-cap on but very quickly dropped it with a cheeky grin on our faces and sparkling eyes. The decision was made. Purely by feeling. We decided not to resist the pull and started driving towards the national border.


I'm glad we took this decision because in those 1.5 days we experienced so much I struggle to put into words. Really, it's been one feeling — feeling in sync with life, with everything that was going on. It's like we were in a different world, which I guess was just the present moment, and things just flowed. We didn't think about anything but what was right in front of us. We were not thinking about work, back home, the waves we might get, we were completely and fully engaged in the moment. Everything was new, everything could have been an opportunity, everything needed to be figured out. Since the trip was so unstructured and unplanned we had no other choice than to be in the moment fully. We figured out problems as we went and early in the morning the first one already decided to join us.


Electrified with enthusiasm we put out blankets, cushions and all the food we bought for breakfast prior to the trip. The sun was shining, we were amped to stay at a beautiful campsite we randomly and easily found and we were pretty stoked about our surfboard picnic table and what the day would bring. Full swing, Kim had the grand idea to put on some music and I decided to charge my phone. As you can foresee, we full-on emptied the car battery while bouncing to the beat and taking millions of picture of ourselves and our breakfast. When we wanted to leave to check the beach, we couldn't.


Feeling pretty annoyed because our swing was interrupted and embarrassed at ourselves for being plain dumb, we decided to take full responsibility for our mistake and to confidently own it. After rolling eyes for a few seconds, we took some deep breaths and asked our neighbors to help us. And they did. Not only that, after the car was able to hit the road again, one of them showed us two surf spots which we wouldn't have found ourselves because as you can tell by now, we didn't have a clue about anything.


So the car battery dying turned out to be the start of something amazing. Great conversations and surf sessions (never had I expected to get waves!) together with new friends. People that we connected so well with, it seemed like we were a tight crew from back in the day, but in reality we just met and known each other for a few hours. We connected. Not on a superficial “oh we enjoy the same sport so let's talk about our jobs”-level, it was like our souls were cool with one another. It's been incredible and a real eye-opener for me. 

Through studying astrology I am learning that we attract people into our lives who help us grow. In the beginning of our lives, when we haven't yet solved our internal tensions or simply aren't aware of them, we find people attractive who have the similar problems as we do or are someone who, in whichever way, shines a light onto that problem. Through extensive contact with this person, our problem eventually becomes so evident to us that we are “forced” to actively work on it. This turns us into a more balanced person and less on by people who touch our problems. Just because we have found a way to deal with them in a positive manner and as a result grew in character. 


All of that and the experiences in Denmark make me believe so much in the fact that we already have everything we need in us. We are who we are and life makes us become whoever is best for us to be. We don't need to get things that prove our worthiness or level of expertise. We are brilliant already, we become though life. We already are who we become later. We carry what it takes in us and life works with us because we're an indivisible part of it. We attract people and circumstances into our lives that fit us (and our problems). 


I know it might sound too over the top but sort of going with nothing to Denmark and receiving so much, it just has become so evident to me that life has our backs. The only thing we need to do is trust our gut feelings. (Which is so much easier said than done because not many people are doing that and it has a bad reputation within society) but it's the only thing that connects us to ourselves and therefore enables us to make decision which are in sync with life and with who we are.


I think life can change very quickly. Being at the right place, at the right time is sometimes all it takes for major new paths to walk on. Denmark proved possibilities to me and what is out there to be limitless. Way further than my mind can go. Sometimes it takes following a feeling and driving 4 and a half hours to an unknown destination for 1.5 days but so little can change so much. Trust life, trust yourself, trust your feelings.


Take it or leave it. I'm going to let my gut make most decisions from now on because the experiences that come from that are actually the only ones I truly care about. So why would I fill my life with decisions that I don't have an emotional reaction to? That doesn't right to me. From now on, I'll try and primarily use my brain to carry out plans that come from my heart. 

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