Oh it can be so hard to leave behind your holiday, your favorite travel destination, your beloved foreign surf spots. The memories, the love, the freedom, and then it's time to go home and face the old, the cold and the ugly - but hey life isn't all bad. What to take into consideration to stay sane at home and turn your heartbreaking travel memories into life-changing remedies. HERE ::

Traveling makes you act irresponsibly - in a good way. Being away from home and your usual environment often makes you cut off old behaviors like split ends and embrace the new.


It might take some time but after being on your trip or vacation for a while you become more and more spontaneous and open to new adventures and different experiences. The question : "But where's the sense in that?“ becomes less and less relevant because you realize that it's all about the fun.


Traveling is wonderful because you simply do stuff for the heck of it, for the fun. You don't question going for a late sunset surf or taking a different road than normally. It might not make sense in a way that you will catch lots of waves or get to your desired destination faster but it doesn't matter at all.


These thoughts don't even enter your mind. On the other hand, being at home, reason and purpose are constantly taken into consideration.


Especially right after returning from a trip, on which you did so much stuff without reason or sense, you almost feel bad and like you have to make up for all the fun you had by being extra deliberate and responsible with your time. But why? Why do all the things we do have to make sense all the time? Why can't life be all about the fun? What if there's no other valid reason behind it all than just fun?


I think it's important to realize that, the person we are while traveling is the same person we are while being at home. You are a happy person, you are curious and fun-loving. You are a person who wants to live life to the fullest, a person who wants nothing more than to be happy.


So no shame - be a bit less rational if this makes you a little more happy. Just take things less seriously and continue that travel vibe because happiness is always more important than reason. Don't let the usual environment fool you.

Do you remember the feeling when you were on holiday or a longer trip and you first forgot which day of the week it was? Was it Wednesday or Friday already? How good was the feeling of having no idea about dates and time. How good was it that it didn't even matter to you at all! Complete freedom. While the meaning of time in one of my favorite travel destinations, Indonesia, is quite literally stretched, here in my home country, Germany, time is very defined and to be taken seriously, if not to lived by.


In Indonesia they use the term “jam karet” to describe time which literally means “rubber time”. Time that can stretch. A fixed measurement doesn't exist. Time can either expand or contract. What I think is most significant about this, is the fact that it's not the measurement of time which is in focus, it's the activity that matters more.


On the other hand, in Germany or in general in the Western world, time efficiency and productivity is in the centre of our attention. So much of what we do in our lives revolves around time. We care that things get done in a certain time frame and are so often forced to adjust our activities to a measurement which was invented by someone else but us. In 1876 Sanford Fleming called for a global 24-hour clock and the world adapted. 


Sure it is a good idea to have a global clock and standard time zones, however I do think that we prioritize time too much. When we all think that time is so important and that certain things have to happen at a certain time, pressure is on and patience becomes an attitude unlikely to remember. After all, revolving our lives around time we become unaware of the significance of timing.  


Looking at nature we see that there is no hurry, no striving to be on time and no need to rush things. Everything is in order and happens exactly when it's supposed to happen. Not sooner, nor later.

 So what can we take home from this travel insight?


Chill out. Of course, we have to go to work and be on time or study and stick to due dates, but in general, when it comes to your dreams, be patient. I know it can be really hard, especially when you are surrounded by an environment that works in time frames but we have to remind ourselves that we are essentially part of nature. No city or man-made system can take that from us.


You can take mankind out of nature but you can't take nature out of mankind. So remind yourself when you're feeling stressed, impatient or under pressure - certain things will pass and certain things will happen when the timing is right. Timing is everything, believe in the magic of timing and not in the society-defined version of it. 


[ on a little side-note ] Speaking of timing - It's cancer new moon which means it's the time to nurture & nourish yourself. So be easy on you x And ...

How amazing is it when you interact with different cultures or in general people you meet on your travel trips and your perception changes and your horizon broadens? Being in a different country, you get confronted with all things new. May it be food, sights, cultural events, languages, people, mind-sets - once you get into discovery mode there seems to be no stopping because being curious and experiencing new things makes you feel amazingly alive for some reason.


The reason for that is that through all these different encounters with new experiences we gain a fresh perspective on life.  Gaining a fresh perspective on life can be more than literally just refreshing, it can be a very helpful process which enables us to live a happier, more positive life.


The reason why we hop on planes that take us away is rarely to hop into pools and sunbath on different sand, in a different country, in the same sun (although there are some Instagram chicks who love it) the reason is that we crave an escape from not only our known environment, but also our own and known mind.


Craving a different perspective is a natural mechanism of the human mind because we are all essentially curious beings, and this is something we have to cherish and keep focused upon while being back at home.


It's easy to fall into a trap of daily routines and things that have to be done, but leave yourself some time to be curious. Just be curious for whatever it is.


I remember reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. In this book she talks about the importance of curiosity and how one day, she seriously followed what she was kind of curious about, during a time when she was working on a book but felt stuck in the process. So she did what she was curious about - which was gardening and getting passionately into plants and their names and origins and best care tips - and ended up finishing the book she felt stuck with which turned out to become her best-selling book "The Signature Of All Things" which is about Alma Whittaker, the daughter of a bold and charismatic botanical explorer, and the love story that evolves between her and the Utopian artist Ambrose. Even though being vigorously curious about two very different fields so to speak, they are boundlessly united through a shared passion for knowing.


So follow what you're curios about, whatever it may be. Just because you're back from traveling, in your old environment, it doesn't mean that you have to adopt old behaviors and be the same person forever. Just because your job, your environment, or even old friends require you to be a certain way, it doesn't mean you have to be that way.


Do not limit yourself, stay open and curious and follow that curiosity with enthusiasm. Fucking have fun in life, even if it means gardening. Enjoy yourself and do not question your curiosity because it will kill it. You will kill it like the little plant you've been interested to see grow.


Give it time regarding "TIME IS AN ILLUSION"  and keep reminding yourself that "NO REASON IS A GOOD REASON". 


Love yourself and what you're about.


Keep that travel vibe alive until you go on your next adventure! 

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