I DON'T WANT TO LIFE FOREVER //             what life is worth.

It’s been a while since my grandpa died but this experience really got me thinking about life, death and the purpose of it all.

  So here's a little insight on what I think life is and how we can better cope with those darker days. xo

Having experienced a family member leaving this planet forever for the first time in my life I began to see how beautiful death actually is and how it makes living so much easier.

Death is beautiful because it gives meaning to our lives. Since death puts an end to it all, it means that life is worth something. It's not an existence without sense, like we often think, it has value. If we all lived forever then life wouldn’t have any significance. Carelessly we would be floating around without any direction or purpose. We could do anything and nothing would have an effect. Life would be a random existence of infinity, continually running in indifferent loops. Having an end given means that we are blessed to be able to experience something of real relevance.

I read in many books and believe it myself that we all come from a place of this kind of existence. A place where we are all infinite beings, a place where nothing matters because there is no matter. Now we are on earth to feel matter, to play in reality, to feel pain and get hurt because that is the only way to grow.

Why else are we here? Why else is life sometimes so cruel? Why else do we have to make such bad experiences from time to time? If we weren't here to learn, grow, develop and unfold, life would be sweet all the time. We need bitter moments in the rain to be directed towards the sun. This is the only way to flourish.

Flourishing or expanding to me is why we are on planet earth, dancing around matter and sometimes hitting the ground hard. It's because we are growing, changing constantly, growing bigger and better than we were before. We are becoming better versions of ourselves, we are learning, and sure we are hurting and failing, but that is the only way. 

Things can't be sweet non stop because that wouldn't be helpful. It's those rough moments that guide us the right way. We must recognise that bad experiences are actually good experiences because every experience supports our expansion and since there's only a certain amount of them to be made in this life, they are all precious. 

When life ends all we have is nothing but ourselves. Our own person, and who we've become and what we've experienced. No material chi chi in the world can distract us now from what we've become, death just puts things right into perspective. 

Knowing that life has an end to it and that material things are not what give much significance to it, we can easily understand why experiences are everything. When live ends, all that ever will be relevant is how far we've expanded and how much fun we've had and how much love we've felt along the way. 

If we recognise the value of our experiences and that all of them are good for us because they guide us through life and are basically just our lives unfolding, we can find peace in the turbulent moments and light in the dark. It's all us, it's all life, it's us expanding and it matters because we thankfully won't be here forever. 

So try and live a life that feels right to you because that just makes it easier to accept all experiences for what they are - a good unfolding of our lives. Make expanding your own personality priority and have fun finding your path, everyday anew. That way it's easier to enjoy the sometimes tough and strange moments, to be happy and to fill as many moments with love as possible. To me that's what it's all about and what will stay forever. 


 “Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ― Rumi 


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    Mieke (Sonntag, 16 April 2017 23:05)

    Thanks for you're wise words! It's stunning how you're able to show the beautiful sides of the things we only see in a negative way. Love your realistic but also optimistic vision of life! Xx

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    Janine (Sonntag, 16 April 2017 23:38)

    And I love you! Xx thanks for your feedback.