55 things surfer chicks don't say

 "Let's look super hot in the line up!"

"I hate surfing. It totally messes up my tan line."

"What do you mean this surf spot is not accessible by car?"

"Yeah sure I'd love to stay on the beach and take photos of you surfing, babe."

"How do I look when I duck dive?"

"Do you have these reef booties in pink?"

"Wax comb? Can I have it for a sec, I really need to turn this bad hair day around."

"Tides good in the morning? No man I really need my 8 hours sleep."

"My hair's so damaged I really can't go for a second session."

"My cut got infected I think I need to stay out of the water for a week."

"If I throw a shaka at him, will he think I'm flirting?"

"Endless Summer? Is that with Brad Pitt?"

 "The water is too cold. I think I wait for the afternoon session."

"That paddle is too long. We should get a boat to drive us!"

"Are there any sharks? I invested so much in my leg waxing, I'm really not keen to lose one."

"Ok let's go surf! Give me 2 hours and I'm ready."

"Uh I can't see the ground! This is getting dangerous!"

"Oh gosh, so much seaweed! I like spirulina in my smoothie but this is gross!"

"I can't buy that board. The brand logo is a spider!"

"Can you please put sunscreen on my back?"

"I wish I could surf like pro, but this week I will just chill and do some beauty treatments."

"I'm sure this bandeau bikini will stay on. I'm just gonna go for small waves."

"Oh my God! That guy just got the biggest barrel. I'm gonna ask him for his number later."

"What do you mean swell direction? It's all coming from the ocean!"

"I heard that the hottest guys are sitting in the impact zone."

"I'm so scared of that back wash!"

"This channel has good energy. I'm just gonna sit here for a bit."

"I'm a girl. It's okay to drop in."

"Fun board? No I better get a performance one and look cool in the line up."

"Honestly who cuts Slater's hair?"

"Oh God when I wear this fullsuit you won't see that I've been working out."

"Does it hurt to surf when it's glassy?"

"What do you mean he hit the lip? Has he been in a fight?"

"That shaper is so hot. I'm gonna get my board from him."

"I hope the wipeouts today won't mess up my hair-do."

"So much volume for that board? Are you trying to say I'm fat?"

"Full wetsuit? No I wanna get some sun."

"Close your eyes when you duck dive so the mascara won’t get messed up!"

"I can't put wax on my board, otherwise you won't see the painting on it."

"That leash is too tight. It's hurting so much. I think I go in."

"The period is good? What do you mean? Mine is actually pretty painful."

"I can see that my board has dings but manicure has priority."

" I don't like paddling too much because my arms get so big. I wish I would train my bum instead."

"Are there any changing rooms down at the beach? I can't get changed just like that."

"He said I should try to hang ten. No idea what he was on about. I figured I just give him a high five."

"I hope the rip takes me some place exotic and wonderful."

"This is my last wave, girls! My skinny vanilla latte is waiting for me."

"My stick and my lipstick match up so well. Life's good!"

"Epoxy? Is that a dietary supplement?"

"I can't go for bigger waves. I'm so afraid to ding my board."

"These waves are flatter than my chest."

"El Nino? He's hot? Please, you must introduce him to me."

"I might gonna lose my engagement ring but I really want to have it on a shot while I'm surfing."

"Can I just borrow your shortboard for a sec? I wanna take some pics of me walking on the beach quickly."

"I think my selfie will look good when I put into an A-frame."

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